Are you an enthusiastic wildlife observer, keen bird watcher, or game hunting lover? Then you must be on the lookout to get the best and most reliable equipment to make these hobbies most enjoyable for you. In regular bird watching, any binoculars with decent magnification may work but in hunting, long-distance viewing is required and for this. A spotting scope is an amazing tool for hunting. But if you intend to get the maximum benefit out of your expensive, high magnification spotting scope, you must use it with the best hunting tripod for spotting scope which would provide required stability to scope for a rewarding hunting experience. With a vast collection of tripods advertised on marketplaces, it can be an intimidating task to find the one best suited for your spotting scope. You must know how to choose the best tripod for a spotting scope, as it should provide long-time support for your treasured equipment.

A Buying Guide for Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope

Things to look for in a reliable and durable hunting tripod are:

  • Construction materials
  • Type of head
  • Types of tripods
  • Height

Construction materials:

There are 2 basic options for construction materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon-fiber

Both of these materials have their advantages. Aluminum tripods are known to last much longer as compared to carbon fiber. They feel a lot sturdier. Aluminum tripods are quite heavy to carry for a long time. But there are some remarkable aluminum tripods available that have lower weight but are still sturdy. Carbon fiber tripods can hold extremely heavy equipment without making your tripod unstable and it’s pleasantly lightweight. Carbon-fiber tripods are better at absorbing vibrations that could disturb the focus of your high magnification spotting scope. Under heavy spotting scopes, a lightweight aluminum tripod’s legs might bend a little, but it’ll still be usable, while a carbon fiber tripod might just shatter, thus making it unusable. Another point of consideration will be the cost of these two different types. Carbon-fiber tripods are usually pricier than aluminum tripods.


There are two most common types of heads for spotting scope tripods:

  • Ball head
  • Pan head

Ball Head tripods are most useful for photography and videography. Ball Heads provide efficient and slick motion in every direction. Pan heads, also known as tilt heads have 2 or 3 axis for movement and are more useful in tripods for hunting since they can provide controlled smooth movements without skipping any spot.

Types of Spotting Scope Tripods

There are different types of best hunting tripod for a spotting scope that is mentioned below:

  • Tabletop Tripod: Best tripod to be used by hunters for spotting targets. This tripod has small legs. It is used by setting it up on a level platform or a table. Its height usually ranges from 8 to 18 inches.
  • Compact Tripod: This type of tripod has usually 2 or 3 fold legs or telescopic legs. This tripod can be easily used while sitting on a chair. You will love this type of tripod because of its compact size which is easy to pack and carry.

This tripod can be easily used while sitting on a chair

  • Full-Size Tripod: This tripod is good for you if you do your target spotting in a standing position. Its length can extend from 57 inches up to 72 inches.


Whichever type of tripod you select, it must have the correct height to make its use easy and convenient. If you are a tall person, crouching low on a 55-inch height tripod can be extremely uncomfortable.


Gosky Tripod – Portable Tripod for Spotting scopes
Gitzo Series1 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Manfrotto MK190XPRO3-3W Aluminum 3-Section Tripod
Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod Monopod
Sirui ET-2204 Carbon Fiber Tripod with E-20 Ball Head

1. Gosky Tripod – Portable Tripod for Spotting scopes

Gosky Tripod

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Key Features

  • Brand Gosky
  • Material Aluminum
  • Head Type Pan Head
  • Color Pro Tripod
  • Number of leg sections
  • Portable
  • Load capacity 3
  • Yes
  • 11 pounds
  • Maximum height 61 inches

A perfect Tripod for Spotting Scope. Expertly constructed, using aluminum alloy, that makes it a robust and trustworthy tripod. Its feet are tipped with rubber, which helps in keeping it stable on any kind of surface. With a sliding center column, its height can be adjusted from 18.3 to 61 inches. The 3-way pan head can be used to pan the landscape and can be fixed at any position. A cushion on the legs protects it from extreme temperatures.

  • Most acceptable height of 61 inches
  • Can carry a bulky spotting scope
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Fairly compact and portable
  • Difficult to carry for long periods due to weight.

2. Gitzo Series1 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Gitzo Series1 Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Key Features

  • Brand Gitzo
  • Material Carbon Fiber
  • Tripod head type Ball Heads
  • Color Silver & black
  • Weight limit 22 Pounds
  • Item weight
  • Folded length
  • Maximum height
  • 3.2 Pounds
  • 16.7 inches
  • 64.4 inches

Gitzo offers a lightweight, stable, and smooth support system in this Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head. It has 4 section legs and a high capacity for heavy load. With a height range of 12.6 to 64.4 inches, it ticks all the required options for a durable and lightweight tripod for spotting scope, as it can carry the heaviest of spotting scopes.

  • Traveler friendly, lightweight design
  • Best load capacity
  • Low price point
  • good maximum height of 64.4 inches
  • Legs can feel a little flimsy when fully extended.

3. Manfrotto MK190XPRO3-3W Tripod

Manfrotto MK190XPRO3

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Key Features

  • Brand Manfrotto
  • Material Aluminum
  • Color
  • Head type Black
  • 3-way pan head
  • Maximum Height 68.11 Inches
  • Minimum Height 3.54 Inches
  • Item Weight 6.6 Pounds
  • Number of leg sections
  • Quick release legs
  • 3
  • Yes

The MK190XPRO is considered to be the best tripod for hunting. This aluminum tripod has 3 segments that are easy to control with a 3-way pan head. The main component of a hunting tripod for a spotting scope is the 90-degree center column mechanism. It allows the column to be on a level surface and to be widened vertically. Due to its fast release legs, it becomes easy to set up the tripod. Its retractable locks on the legs make it very small.

  • Extremely well built and sturdy
  • Horizontal extending legs
  • Comfortable height when fully extended
  • Size can be compactable by folding down
  • A switch is included for quick release legs
  • Not easy to carry for longer periods
  • Mastering its head control can be hard

4. Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum Tripod

Neewer 2-in-1 Aluminum Tripod

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Key Features

  • Brand Neewer
  • Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Tripod Head Type Pan Heads
  • Maximum Height 72 Inches
  • Weight Limit 26.5 Pounds
  • Item Weight
  • Leg diameter
  • Sectioned leg 3.17 Pounds
  • 25 millimeters
  • 4 sections

Solid aluminum construction makes this versatile tripod sturdy and reliable. Still, its weight is minimal. This lightweight tripod for spotting scope is equipped with a Fluid Drag Pan Head, which supports adjustable shooting angles.

Flip locks on legs make its process of setting up easy in every kind of terrain. It reaches a maximum height of 71.2 inches, when the legs are fully extended, and also folds down to 17.9 inches, making it easy to store and carry. Its quick shoe plate makes changing gear a breeze.

  • Solid build quality
  • Lots of features at a low price
  • Folds to a compact size
  • Works as monopod
  • Quick release shoe plate is a bonus
  • Legs might not lock well sometimes
  • The screw attaching the head to the tripod becomes tricky

5. Sirui ET-2204 Carbon Fiber Tripod with E-20 Ball Head

Sirui ET-2204 Carbon Fiber Tripod with E-20 Ball Head

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Key Features

  • Brand Sirui
  • Material Carbon Fiber
  • Head Ball Head
  • Color Gray
  • Maximum Height 57.1 Inches
  • Minimum Height 5.3 Inches
  • Weight Limit 26.5 Pounds
  • Item Weight 1.5 Pounds
  • Number of leg sections 4

SIRUI ET2204 is a 4-Section Carbon Fiber tripod with E20 Ball Head, Quick Release Plate, and a Short Center Column. Made with lightweight carbon fiber, this tripod’s legs can be folded to make it very compact and most suitable for transportation. Its flip-lock system makes for easy setup. It can be easily used with even the heaviest of spotting scopes, making it the best tripod for money.

  • Weighs only 3 pounds
  • Extremely high load capacity
  • Compact size
  • Quick release plates
  • Maximum height is not tall enough


The best hunting tripod for a spotting scope must be sturdy enough to take the load of a heavy spotting scope. It also needs to be of easily manageable weight and compact in size to make it portable. Then, it should have a height adjustment feature to make its use in different positions easier for you. The best tripod for spotting scope review is also helpful for everyone. The one’s experience could be the other’s benefit. The following tripods that are mentioned in the list are useful to select the best one tripod.


Question: Are spotting scope tripods universal?

Answer: Yes they can be used universally, as they come with common
size connecting thread.

Question: May we use a tripod for a spotting scope with a camera?

Answer: Most of the tripods have the same thread size, which is common for all DSLRs, binoculars, and spotting scopes but a tripod for spotting scope must be sturdy enough to give full support to a scope.

Question: What are the qualities of the best hunting tripod for spotting scope?

Answer: The best tripod for spotting scope should be sturdy with a nice build. Quality should have reasonably good height, an efficiently controllable head, and compact size to make it portable.

Question: Are tripods for hunting rifles, same as tripods for spotting scopes?

Answer: No, rifles need tripods or bipods with clamping heads.

Question: Can I use a spotting scope tripod for my binoculars?

Answer: Yes, these tripods have universal connecting thread size.

Question: Is tripod head removable?

Answer: Yes, tripod heads can be removed and replaced.


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